Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Dear reader,

i'm sorry for no new post today but my notebook doesn't work. 
But i promise i will upload some interesting stuff tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Hello *wave*

This was my hook when i was fishing yesterday.
This green thing is called "trout helicopter". It rotates when you spinn and that make fish curious.
I bait a maggot on the hook, too.


My uncle sent me a little suprise. I got it yesterday evening. These are 12 spinners in different size and colour.
What a nice day! I have never used them before. Maybe next time. We will see.

Holy shit! I've never thought that my fishing blog would be so highly coveted. Thanks for reading and supporting!

Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

I woke up earlier then i wanted and i didn't know what to do, so i went fishing for two hours.

It's not the jackpot but it is enough :)

in my next post i will show you my techniques and my other baits.

See you later!

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011


I promised to report!
About 20lbs!
16 Fish!

I tried every color and was very successfully. Lucky day! Never had at the 15 times fishing before.
9 Yellow
3 Orange
3 Green
Pink 1 

click me ;)

PS: Thanks to all my friends from real life, icq, facebook and twitter for reading, commenting and supporting me and my blog! Thank you!

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Friday means

Thanks for your input. That's the result:

Green: 3
Orange: 3
> Yellow: 4 <
Pink: 1

I would be glad to see you again, tomorrow.

"Petri Heil!"

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

Ok guys i have an important question!

On the following pictures you can see trout bait in different nice colors.

You make a little ball of it and put it on the fishhook. Fish fucking love it!

It's hard to say witch color is the best because fish are unpredictable.
On the one day they eat a color like crazy, on the other day they dont even look at them.

So, comment which color i should use the next time, please.

I will use it and report - promised!

My first time fishing!
I caught four trouts, this is the "big one" ;)

Hello and welcome 
 to my fishing blog!

I'm into fishing so i started this blog.
You will find reports about my fishing tours
and my secrets here ;)