Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

My first time fishing!
I caught four trouts, this is the "big one" ;)


  1. What kind of box is that? Kind of hard to get an accurate estimation of the size this way.

    Did he taste good btw? ;)

  2. That's cool, where did you go fishing?

  3. Where did you catch it? I've never fished. Is it hard?

  4. @Bear_shark

    my friend has a private little lake and im allowed to fish there :)

    It's not really hard but its a nice adrenalinpush!

  5. That's a big fucker. WHAT'S IN THE BOX MANG

  6. i m sorry for the shitty censore

    its a cigarette box

  7. I never had the patience needed to fish. Thou a few times I did I liked the feeling of eating what you caught.

    Also, first time fishing? And the blog is about how you love fishing?

    Love at first hook?

  8. I went ice fishing for a week in MN, caught 1, 5 inch eel, sucked.

  9. @:D
    Thank you dude

    haha, already done and it was tasty!

    yeah, you right! Love at first hook. Thats a fucking nice hobby. Nothing is better then eating a fish you cought by yourself :)

    ouh ice fishing that sounds nice. I d like to do it, too.

  10. Cool carp... or other fish. I'm not very good at identifying.

  11. Hey, it's a trout, not a carp but if you arent interested in fishing you dont have to know them all by name dude :)