Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

The father of my girlfriend spontaneous asked me to go fishing with him today. 
I said yes, ouf course!
It was a little bit "boring" because there were no fish.
While we were packing together a fish ate my hook.
I jumped and after 15 minutes i got him.
I'm sorry i had not a camera with me =/

Barbel, about 26 inches long and about 6 lbs heavy.
That's not me. This picture is from google.
Now you can imagine how they look like.


  1. You dove in after the fish that ate your hook and caught him??? You beast! Haha

  2. wow, what a nice catch. Keep it up

  3. bet you weren't bored after

    that was huge!

  4. this guy is cheating. the distance between him and the fish is huge. And so the fish looks bigger.

  5. That's one amazing looking fish! Nice catch.

  6. goddamn that is one hell of a catch man!!

  7. Wow great catch man! I'm actually jealous

  8. That's a reel big fish. I enjoy your fishing posts.