Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Hello everybody,

today i will show you a part of my gear and a little technique.

Here we go!

My bat to stun fish.
My knife to kill and disembowel them.
And my little helper. It's a normal part of a tree.

You take the yellow end in your hand. 
Then you stick the other end into the fishmouth. 
It should be deep inside of the fish.
Hold with the same or other hand the fishing line.
Then you rotate the fish.
A few seconds later you can put the thing out 
and the hook sticks in the wood.

You just need a little bit practice and you will get the
hook out of fish in a few seconds!

Have a nice evening!


  1. :D awesome. clubbing fish will be awesome

  2. i wouldn't be able to take the smell.

  3. you fish with a bat that bad ass.

  4. Dude that's some hardcore fishing style and gear, you sir are dedicated. Mass respect!

  5. I know who I want with me when I get lost in the woods.

  6. I got a knife just like that for gutting fish too :D

  7. Gonna try that stick thing, that's awesome.

    Haven't been fishing in a while - getting back into it with shore fishing, if you could have a look at my most recent post I have a couple of Qs you may be able to help with!

    Also I always used to dehook, behead then gut. Never used a bat, or priest as we call it in my country. I always felt it's the more humane way, 'cos it's very quick and there's no chance the fish is conscious when you gut it.

    Also I notice your knife has a straight edge to it, I found I couldn't get through a gurnard or mackarel without serrations.

    Interesting stuff man!

  8. This is one hell of a way to fish.

  9. A high quality knife isn't cheap. I like Japanese ones - that is high quality!

  10. solid advice, to bad i dont go fishing as often as i would like

  11. Fishy Fishy Fishy hmmmm you look so yummy

  12. bear grylls style :D

  13. I LOVE bear grylls. legendary guy :D

  14. always wondered how easy it would be to do that. It seems not too terrible at least. IDK if i have the stomach for it XD

  15. Sadly this is illegal in the states. For shame.

  16. Thank you for reading and supporting!

  17. It feels great catching killing and cleaning your own food. There is really no better feeling.